Node JS

Node Js training in Hyderabad

                  Node Js is a server-side java script language mainly used in developing robust and highly scalable applications. Node Js mainly runs on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node Js is predominantly used in many organizations to develop high-end applications. It offers good library features, thus helps in the development of great applications. A database associated with Node Js is Mongo DB, which helps in connecting and storing the data in the database. NBITS offers a Node Js training in Hyderabad which is renowned to be the best institute for career-oriented Node Js course.

Objectives of the course:

Through our Node Js Online Training, every enrolled candidate will learn the server-side scripting language and enhance strong knowledge on Node Js. Main Objectives of the course are:

  • Basic understanding of Objects, Handling Ajax Request, Creating first Node JS app, Understanding NPM.
  • Specifying dependencies with the package. Json
  • Creating a simple HTTP server and Understanding and installing Express JS
  • Understanding of concepts like Connecting to Mongoose, Working with MongoDB, CRUD Operations, Search Operations
  • Leverages knowledge on Building an app with Node and Express with MVC
  • Real-time Project knowledge on Node Js.

Prerequisites of the Course:

Good to have some knowledge son Programming and Angular Js but not mandatory. It will be good to have knowledge on MVC for easy understanding of Node Js.

Intended Audience:

Any IT Professional can opt for Node Js Course in Hyderabad from NBITs, It mainly suits graduates with a programming background. It also suits:

  • Freshers
  • System Admins
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Working IT professionals.

Enroll Now and learn the server-side JavaScript Framework- Node Js Course in Hyderabad from NBITS and get job ready in Software Sector.


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